Water Sampling Station PM 04

Water Sampling Station PM 04

Water Values – Valuable Water

The water sampling station PM 04 collects the data for free chlorine, chlorine dioxide, pH values, redox potential, and temperature depending on the installed features. The water quality is controlled by a TOPAX L controller. All of the elements that are necessary for measuring and controlling are combined at the water sampling station. The sensors for measuring the water values are mounted in a transparent multi-function instrument block.


Water Sampling Station PM 04

  • Measurement of free chlorine or chlorine dioxide with potentiostatic measuring cell
  • Further parameters - pH value, Redox and temperature (each as per model)
  • Hydrostatic flow regulation
  • Flow monitor
  • Zero calibration is not required
  • Compact and transparent construction

Further product views

Free chlorine / chlorine dioxide potentiostatic chlorine
Free chlorine / chlorine dioxide measuring rangemg/l 0...10 (Cl2) / 0...2 (ClO2)
pH value pH-single-rod measuring chain
Measuring range pH 0...14
Redox ORP single-rod measuring chain
Measuring range redoxmV up to +1000
Sample water consumptionl/h approx. 45
Pressure at inletbar 0.2...6
Pressure at outlet outflow sample water must be able to run off
Temperature°C max. 40
Connection Inletmm hose liner Ø6 Male
Connection Outletmm hose liner Ø10 Male
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 320 x 730 x ~100

Subject to technical changes


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