Multi-Channel Controller TOPAX DX

Multi-Channel Controller TOPAX DX

Important values securely under control

The TOPAX DX is based on the longstanding experience of many generations of TOPAX controllers from Lutz-Jesco. Its modular design makes it an adaptable and a highly compatible partner in measuring and control technology. With the option of connecting it directly to a variety of sensors to measure the water parameters the TOPAX DX fulfils all the needs for optimal water preparation.


Multi-Channel Controller TOPAX DX

  • Measuring free chlorine with potentiostatic, open amperometric or diaphragm covered measuring cell
  • Measuring total chlorine, pH, temperature, Redox and conductivity
  • Display of effective chlorine according to the dissociation curve (depending on pH value and the disposable disinfection capacity)
  • 6 measuring and 8 digital inputs
  • 8 electric outputs 0/4-20 mA to transfer the measuring value or to regulate
  • Up to 4 regulators of free chlorine and pH value control and regulation of the systems to reduce the bonded chlorine and for dosing the brine
  • Electrically isolated in- and outputs
  • Balancing the pH value of the chlorine value
  • Balancing the temperature of the pH value
  • Active regulator intervention through the Redox measurement
  • Control of the flocculants dosing
  • Real-time with timers for autom. control of the ECO-mode, thereby saving energy
  • DIN contact function
  • RS 485 interface (optional) and memory card function
  • MMC memory card
  • Very easy to operate, guided start up
  • Large display with operator guidance in plain language, a flat, multilingual menu structure and context oriented online help
  • Glass display with integrated keyboard
  • Inbuilt screen writer
  • Log book function that stores all events (calibration data, etc.)
  • Display of the quality of the measuring cells during calibration
  • Validity check during calibration
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Extensive alarm function

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