Vacuum regulator C 2213

Vacuum regulator C 2213

For a perfect dosing result

The full-vacuum chlorinator used as pressure reducing valve is of central importance for the safety in vacuum installations. For this reason the C 2213 version has been designed in accordance with the latest findings. The device combines several functions in one housing.


Vacuum regulator C 2213

  • Output with chlorine gas: 25 g/h up to 10 kg/h
  • Compact design
  • Safe operation with vacuum technology
  • Flow limiter
  • Gas filter
  • Available with all current gas connections
  • Can be connected directly to gas bottles or collecting pipes

Further product views

Output with chlorine gas 25 g/h up to 10 kg/h (with flow limiter
<1 kg/h)
Inlet pressurebar max. 16
Pressure connection Union nut BSW 1“
Vacuum connection Hose clamp Ø 8/12
Inlet valve material Monel, brass and Hastelloy
Casings material PVC
Membrane material FPM
Manometerbar -1...15
Empty status signal with the contact manometer alternative to manometer
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 108 x 218 x 169
Weightkg approx. 2.3

Subject to technical changes


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