EASYDES 1000/3000

EASYDES 1000/3000

Water disinfection - without chemicals

Apart from the chemical disinfection procedure, the pure physical treatment through high-energy ultra-violet radiation (UV-light) is a recognised and effective method for disinfecting water. All models in the EASYDES range, constructed with the emphasis on being practical, ensure that the installation is quick and that maintenance is simple. They are characterized by their flow-rate and radiation capacity, thus they can be selected according to the operator’s requirements.


EASYDES 1000/3000

  • Flow-rate capacity up to 3000 l/h
  • Depending on the model DVGW-compliant design
  • Compact and uniaxial mounting form of the in and out flow
  • Possible to change lamps with minimal space and under pressure
  • Hydraulic cleaning of optical components
  • Hot and cold water circulation up to 65 °C
  • Possibility for additional conditioning through injection inlets

Further product views

EASYDES 10001000-353000
Type of lamp UVN16UVI40UVI70
Length of electric arcmm 230240440
WattageW 163570
UV-C-capacityW 4.812.520
Start-up timemin 6…88…10
TWVO / Escherichia Coli / SSK 0,7m3/h 2.927.6112.17
TWVO / Escherichia Coli / SSK 3,5m3/h 2.175.669.05
DVGW / Bazilus subtilis sporides / SSK 0,7m3/h 0.661.712.74
DVGW / Bazilus subtilis sporides / SSK 3,5m3/h 0.491.272.03
Operating pressurebar 10
Emitter-operating hoursh 8000

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