Pressure Reducing Valves C7105 / C7110

Pressure Reducing Valves C7105 / C7110

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The pressure reducing valve is primarily used to prevent chlorine recondensing and thus avoid the destruction of PVC components. Chlorine is stored as a liquid in steel tanks. Liquid elementary chlorine does not corrode unalloyed steel. It does, however, attack PVC and the material loses its original form.


Pressure Reducing Valves C7105 / C7110


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Pressure reducing valve C 7110
Inlet pressurebar max. 16
Outlet pressurebar 1.5 approx.
Throughputkg Cl2/h max. 200
Materials Steel, Monel, PTFE, FPM, Hastelloy
Weightwith flanges and manometerkg 11 approx.
with 1" NPT female thread and manometerkg 5 approx.

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