Motive Water Set

Motive Water Set

For a perfect dosing result

Motive water sets are preassembled fittings in various configuration levels and used in combination with booster pumps to guarantee a constant supply pressure for chlorine gas ejectors. The pressure reducing valve is the most important part of the motive water unit. It compensates all pressure fluctuations in the booster pump.


Motive Water Set

  • Pre-assembled fixture
  • Constant supply pressure for ejectors
  • Max. flow rate 24 m³/h

Further product views

Nominal width DN 15DN 32DN 50
Max. flow ratem3/h 3624
Pressure reducer setting rangebar 1.5...6.0
Max. supply pressurebar 16
Pressure reducer equipment Pressure gauge 0...10 bar, Ø63 mm
Material for shutoff valve, pressure reducer,
solenoid valve
Red brass
Material for non-return valve PVC / FPM / Hastelloy
Max. operating pressure°C 40
Solenoid valve 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Subject to technical changes


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