Filter für Chlorgas

Chlorine Gas Filter

For a perfect dosing result

Proper operation of chlorine gas dosing equipment in chlorine gas systems can be ensured only if they are protected against impurities. With the chlorine gas filter, a product is available that removes impurities such as particles and chlorine condensates from the inflowing chlorine gas. Inside the chlorine gas filter, there is a ceramic filter element, on the surface of which the impurities are deposited when the gas flows through the filter.


Chlorine Gas Filter

  • Max. flow rate: 200 kg Cl2/h
  • Robust, simple design
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Housing made of thick-walled steel

Further product views

Flow rate at 2 barkg Cl2/h 100
Flow rate at 6 barkg Cl2/h 200
Max. operating pressurebar 40
Max. operating temperature°C 80
Housing material C-steel
Connections Flange DN25 / PN40 with groove (inlet) and
tongue (outlet) according to EN 1092-1
Sealing material FPM, Klingersil
Filter material Ceramic
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 305.5 x 330 x 165
Weightkg approx. 20

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction
PI: Product information

Description Order no.
Counter flange – 1" NPT female thread with tongue 15927
Counter flange – 1" NPT female thread with groove 15928
Counter flange – welding neck flange with tongue 39516
Counter flange – welding neck flange with groove 39517
Heating, 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 30 W, without plug 40204
Heating, 120 VAC 50/60 Hz, 30 W, without plug 40205

Maintenance kits

Description Order no.
Spare parts kit (replacement filters and seals) 40206
Mounting kit for flange DN25 38712

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