Motor pump BN

Motor pump BN

Conveying chemicals safely

BN-type motor pump units are normal-priming, single-stage, plastic centrifugal pumps in block design with horizontal axis. Their dimensions and flow rates mainly correspond to DIN/EN 22858. The extended shaft of the drive motors directly carries the impeller. The pump head is flanged to the drive motor using an intermediate piece.


Motor pump BN

  • Single-stage, normal-priming pumps with horizontal axis
  • Piping connections according to DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wetted-end parts made of highly resistant material
  • Special varnish, stainless steel pump shaft with shaft protection sleeve
  • Mechanical seal systems depending on medium
  • Space-saving installation
  • Vibrationless operation
  • Wide range of capacity

Further product views

Design block design
Materials PP, PVDF
Max. flow rate Qm3/h 120
Max. delivery head Hm 60
Motor power kW 1.1 ... 11
Speedmin-1 1450 and 2900
Ambient temperature°C 5...40
Temperature of the medium°C PP 0...80, PVDF 0...120 (subject to the medium)

Subject to technical changes


BW: Operation instruction
MB: Dimension sheet


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