Dosing of detergents in car wash installations

In order to be as gentle to the environment as possible, the chemical additives must be metered exactly during each wash program. Lutz-Jesco pumps are used in car wash installations to accomplish this task. The leakage - free diaphragm pump ensures very precise dosing of the detergent and the wax so that the washing results are optimal without polluting the environment unnecessarily. Each car wash installation includes four or five dosing pumps. The pump is provided with a drainage system, so that any chemicals that leak within the pump are returned directly to the tank. The integral leakage sensor detects the event and switches the pump off where necessary. This avoids any pollution of the environment.

With their wide dosing range, Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps are a cost-effective solution for many dosing duties, not only in the field of car wash installations. Investment in these pumps pays for itself in a very short time.

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