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Chlorine Gas Vacuum Regulators C 2213 and C 2214 – all around safety

It is of particular importance to be able to treat drinking water, process water and swimming pool water safely and reliably with chlorine gas. The risk of escaping gas is seriously dropped by use of vacuum systems. A possible perforation of the vacuum pipe leads to loss of vacuum only and stops the gas flow.

04/15/2009 - 

The vacuum regulators C 2213 and C 2214 developed by Lutz-Jesco fulfill these highest safety standards. They are installed directly on cylinders, drums (with drip leg) or pressurized supply lines. Only gas transformed into vacuum enters the supply piping downstream to the ejector.

The C 2213 and C 2214 can be used for any continuous flow but also shock wise  withdrawal of chlorine gas, hydrogen chloride gas, carbon dioxide gas or sulfur dioxide gas; special versions also for ammonia gas. The C 2213 with performance up to 10 kg Cl2/h is designed for cylinder banks for the parallel withdrawal as well as for classic single cylinder systems.

These vacuum regulators are versatile in their use based on the variety of gases they handle and possible connectors for all standard gas tanks and gas line systems. Supply-pressure gauge is standard equipment.  Integrated flow limiter against icing and a safety device keeping residual pressure of 0.1 bar (g) in “empty” cylinders; 1 bar (g) for Austria.

A safety relief valve integrated in the C 2214 prevents impermissible positive pressure in the subsequent vacuum-line system. The gas feed is set with a highly accurate metering valve indicated by flow meter on the C 2214.

Asides from fulfilling the highest German and International safety standards, these vacuum regulators are guaranteed for long service life based on their fabrication from solid block high quality and chemically resistant material.

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