Treatment of waste water in waste water works

As well as sieving, filtering and breaking down of waste water, the controlled progress of chemical processes is part of the further steps in purification of industrial and public waste water. In this way Lutz-Jesco products are used for several dosing and control steps during the treatment of process water, including:


Removal of phosphates from the waste water by means of coagulants

Iron or aluminium salts can be used to initiate a precipitation reaction to remove phosphate ions from water. These bind to the phosphate residues from detergents and cleaning agents so that they can be filtered from the waste water as sludge. Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps perform sterling service in this respect. Ingenious dosing technology accessories allow the most diverse waste water works system demands and conditions to be mastered.


Application of flocculation agents

To enlarge and agglomerate the precipitates, poly-aluminate is added to the waster water, either in liquid form by Jesco dosing pumps or in powder form by Lutz-Jesco dry feeders.


Use in the air extraction system

In dosing systems for caustic soda, sulphuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, Lutz-Jesco diaphragm dosing pumps ensure continuity of supply over months and years.

Lutz-Jesco multi-feeding systems for simultaneous dosing of various process agents are increasingly being applied to allow the facility to change over from summer operation to winter operation and to allow quick responses to unexpected fluctuations in waste water flow rates and compositions.

The equipment primarily used for this in waste water works are Lutz-Jesco diaphragm dosing pumps and pulsation dampers. Lutz-Jesco suction pressure regulators are particularly well proven for use when taking fluids from large tanks. They not only prevent siphoning in the event of leakage, but also ensure an even flow despite variations in the level in the tank. The Lutz-Jesco accessories catalogue includes pressure relief valves, filters and non-return valves to ensure reliable operation of the dosing system. Durable and reliable Lutz-Jesco technology has been proven in many waste water treatment plants.


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