Treatment of chemical waste water

In a specially developed process the contents of waste water are chemically oxidised by adding oxidants, catalysts, and concentrated sulphuric acid (96%). They are thus converted into a degradable form for the subsequent biological process.

It is critical for the success of the treatment process that the quantity of sulphuric acid added bears a precise relationship to the reaction as it proceeds. To ensure that the dosing fulfills the set demands to the optimum, the system requires a precision dosing pump; the accessory equipment is also highly important. Suction lines, suction aids or suction pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampers, injection nozzles or dosing valves are critical components for an effectively functioning dosing system.

The material of construction of a Lutz-Jesco dosing station is the plastic PVDF, a Teflon derivative with universal resistance to chemicals. For the dimensioning of piping systems, all variables such as properties of the medium, pressure, operating and ambient temperature, UV resistance, moisture, and cost-effectiveness must be taken into consideration. Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps are electronically controlled. Together with accessories such as relief valves, fittings, flushing connectors, and pulsation dampers, all components are mounted on a polypropylene panel, equipped with a glass spray guard, and installed in a frost-free environment.

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