Dosing in heating systems with heavy fuel oil boilers

In heating systems that are equipment with heavy fuel oil boilers, active environmental protection is pursued to reduce the emission values. Real-time emission readings determine the exact amount of additives that fed to each furnace, necessary to keep the emissions within the legal limits. Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps are used for this purpose. They deliver controlled quantities of additives into the bunker tanks.

To ensure reliable operating conditions for the Lutz-Jesco solenoid-diaphragm dosing pumps which deliver to the boilers, a ring circuit is installed linking the bunker tanks. This is fed by upstream dosing pumps, to ensure that the downstream MAGDOS pumps operate uniformly and reliably at all times. The additive dosing quantity is regulated to correspond to the load on the burners; it is communicated to the dosing pumps as a 4...20 mA steplessly variable analogue signal. Pulsation dampers fitted in the pipes as dosing accessories ensure smooth and continuous dosing, for a long working life of the complete system.

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