Dosing technology

Brief introduction to dosing technology

Lutz-Jesco regularly organises customer trainings that last several days. All typical dosing and disinfection processes are explained and discussed using practical examples and references to existing installations. They also touch on the subjects of system construction, process technology and engineering physics, which are explained in detail by experienced trainers.

For anyone interested, the seminar documents are available for download.

Dosing of liquids

Find out more about dosing technology - 80 pages giving full details of the technical principles of the dosing process, with numerous graphical drawings and tables, and detailed explanations. All parameters and components for the dosing of liquids are discussed.

This document can be downloaded for free.


Dosing of chlorine gas

Find out about how gases are handled - The dosing of chlorine gas is a qualitative challenge for the equipment used and all technicians that carry out the installation and maintenance. Solid training and knowledge of the technical and physical processes and/or their background are required for successful and safe dosing. The Dosing of Chlorine Gas manual discusses in detail all the parameters and components involved in gas dosing and illustrates them with examples.

This document can be downloaded for free.


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