Press release

Peristaltic pump - for low-pulsation dosing

The peristaltic pump developed by Lutz-Jesco is used for water treatment wherever low-pulsation dosing at low delivery pressures is required.

09/13/2007 - 

The typical applications include the dosing of chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and hydrochloric acid, as well as the dosing of, for example, flocculants or detergents.

Peristaltic pumps are characterized by their unfailing operation in spite of gas bubbles.

The delivery performance of the Lutz-Jesco peristaltic pump is 2.8 l/h at a pressure of 1,5 bar. The pump has been designed for maximum hose life and easy hose change. Spring loaded rollers, which also act as an internal safety valve, protect the tube from excessive pressure in the case of a clogged delivery line.

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