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EASYDES - UV system for water disinfection

With the help of UV radiation, microorganisms can be biologically deactivated by damaging their genetic material. Physical treatment with high-energy, ultraviolet radiation is, for example, used for disinfection of potable water and pool water, as well as in the food industry.

09/13/2007 - 

The EASYDES models developed by Lutz-Jesco feature a practical design for quick installation and easy maintenance.

The seven models of the EASYDES series differ in their radiation power as well as in their throughput - from 1000 to 3000 l/h - and can be selected in accordance with the operator’s requirements.

Depending on the model, EASYDES controllers also feature a design in compliance with DVGW guidelines: UV sensors monitor the quality of the radiators. They are used in both cold and warm water circulations. A wide range of accessories complete the product program.

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