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Water with value - Water sampling station PM 01

The water quality in modern swimming pools and waterworks is guaranteed thanks to automatic measuring and control systems.

04/15/2009 - 

The water sampling station PM 01 developed by Lutz-Jesco complies with German Standard DIN 19643 and serves to record and control the concentration parameters of the free chlorine, the pH value, the Redox-Potential, the temperature and also, optionally, the conductivity.

The measurement of free chlorine is done on the basis of a potentiostatic measurement cell for residual chlorine, which requires a water flow rate of approx. 45 l/hr. Rotating balls thereby ensure a continuous electrode cleaning.

The sensors used to measure the pH value, Redox-Potential and temperature are set depending on the application and are fitted in a see-through multi-function mounting block. A hydrostatic flow-through regulator of the water flow rate ensures a constant measuring condition. An automatic electric controller from the TOPAX range is in charge of regulating the water quality.

The sampling station is available in many various models: the basic equipment is the potentiostatic 3-electrode sensor to measure the concentration of free chlorine, the further sensor mounting is completely flexible.

The following function elements and accessories are already pre-assembled on the sampling station and/or contained in the scope of supply: strainer, needle valve, tubing with overflow and gas separator, potential-compensating pin, swing-out pipe for taking the sample water, flow rate monitor to switch off the controller functions when there is a shortage of water, balls for the electrode cleaning, connection cable for all sensors as well as a set of calibrations fluids for the sensors.

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