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Comprehensive measurement and control of chlorine values - Water sampling station DCM 01

The water in public swimming pools and Whirlpools is predominantly disinfected with chlorine. For a high quality of water it is imperative to undertake standardised, constant measurements and regulations of the chlorine content in the water.

09/11/2008 - 

The DCM 01 was designed specially for public swimming pools.
Apart from the content of free chlorine in the water (the excessive chlorine and/or effective chlorine) a controller determines the content of bound chlorine using sensors on the DCM 01.

With the high performance, multi-channel TOPAX DX controller it is possible to carry out an extensive measurement, display and control of all the important parameters of the disinfection process using a combination of a potentiostatic and a membrane-covered measuring cell.

The free chlorine is measured by the potentiostatic excessive chlorine cell. Rotating balls provide for the continuous cleaning of the electrodes. Zero calibration is not required. The total chlorine is measured by the membrane-covered TCM measuring cell in a specially operated valve, which guarantees an even incident flow of the measuring cell.

The sensors used for measuring the pH value, redox potential and temperature are mounted in a transparent multi-function armature block depending on the application.

The control of, for example, flocculants or the inflow of fresh water, is just as realisable, as the communication with the TOPAX–controller on the water sampling station to a PC. Furthermore, a hydrostatic flow control of the sample water flow eliminates the gas vesicles and provides uniform measuring conditions.

The clear structure of the water sampling station and its user friendly configuration and/or calibration processes, as well as the extensive range of accessories round off the offer.

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