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Chlorine dioxide systems from the EASYZON range for a reliable disinfection in various areas

When searching for an effective process for the disinfection of water that is recognised as proven and tested it soon becomes clear that disinfecting with chlorine dioxide fulfils all the criteria.

04/15/2009 - 

Lutz-Jesco has developed compact systems with the EASYZON range that are economical for the on site production and dosing of chlorine dioxide.

The EASYZON systems (5 and D-series) are available in 7 capacity ranges, from 5 g ClO2/h to 1440 g ClO2/h, at a maximum dosing pressure of 8-12 bar (depending on the size of the system). The 5 g system works in the bath processes and doses from a holding tank, whereby ClO2-solution has a concentration of 2.0 g ClO2/l. The larger systems work as a continuous operation, whereby the reactor exit flows into a static mixer, in which the ClO2-solution is diluted via the integrated bypass fittings directly on the system and then they can be dosed directly in the application process. EASYZON works according to the acid-/ chlorite process, using the customary concentrations of hydrochloric acid (9.0%) and sodium chlorite (7.5%).

The peristaltic pumps and/or dosing pumps included in the scope of delivery ensure the reliable supply of chemicals into the reactor, whereby the flow of chemicals is monitored by pulse signalling devices and thereby guaranteeing the continuous quality of the product. With their integrated monitoring devices over all functions, the systems have a high standard of safety.

The following accessories can be ordered in addition to the actual production system: collection trays, chemical containers, warning signs for chlorine dioxide systems, contact water meter, injection nozzle, pressure reducing valve for the inflow of water, single solenoid valve “Aquastop“ for the water supply, measuring instrument and photometer to manually determine and regulate the level of chlorine dioxide as well as water testing panels with a chlorine dioxide sensor and a chlorine dioxide gas alarm to monitor the surrounding air, as well as protective clothing.

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