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Small but nice - Water sampling station EASYPOOL SMART 02

08/12/2008 - 

The specific use of disinfectants in the treatment of swimming water in private swimming pools guarantees a high and enjoyable quality of water. The water measuring panel EASYPOOL SMART 02 is a...

TOPAX® DX - the bus-compatible controller for public swimming pools

08/12/2008 - 

Lutz-Jesco controllers have been designed as universal controllers for swimming pool technology and can be used in many different ways. Their main field of application is water treatment in public...

MIDIDOS E - the new diaphragm dosing pump

09/13/2007 - 

MIDIDOS E is a cost-efficient diaphragm dosing pump developed by Lutz-Jesco, which is characterized by a mechanical dosing principle that has been used successfully for years along with low...

EASYDES - UV system for water disinfection

09/13/2007 - 

With the help of UV radiation, microorganisms can be biologically deactivated by damaging their genetic material. Physical treatment with high-energy, ultraviolet radiation is, for example, used for...

Peristaltic pump - for low-pulsation dosing

09/13/2007 - 

The peristaltic pump developed by Lutz-Jesco is used for water treatment wherever low-pulsation dosing at low delivery pressures is required.

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